Black trans women are being murdered at an increasing rate in the United States and it has got to stop. We here at Black Lives Matter Korea stand with Black trans women to say that #AllBlackLivesMatter and now is the time to do something about it.

One active member of the Black community in South Korea, Lindsey Walker of Yogiyo Accessories, has begun a campaign to raise funds for My Sistah’s House, a trans-led nonprofit in Memphis that functions as a one-stop-shop for finding doctors, social groups, and safe spaces for the trans community.

On their website, the nonprofit says “during a fragile time in our country, where Black Trans Communities are continuing to Stand in Solidarity with ALL Black BODIES and our country, [we] need your help to continue standing, we need to ensure we have the tools and resources needed to take care of our Community.”

The organization also “helps Black trans women and non-binary people to find access to safe housing, with bail assistance, and with legal processes around transitioning,” writes Ms. Walker on the Black Lives Matter Korea Facebook page.

So let’s help out.

LGBTQ and Unicorn Bracelets crafted by Lindsey Walker

Ms. Walker is crafting bracelets in order to raise both funds and awareness for Black trans women. She has two bracelets to choose from, one with beads spelling out LGBTQ for 11,000 KRW and another limited edition bracelet with a rainbow-maned unicorn for 12,000 KRW. 5,000 KRW from each sale will be going to My Sistah’s House.

Yogiyo Accessories is a Black-owned craft business with a range of beautiful handmade items to choose from and one that is active in advocating for Black causes. Thank you to Ms. Walker and to My Sistah’s House.


Written by: Lisa Espinosa
Editor: Jihyena Son

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