Hello, and welcome to the Black Lives Matter Korea website.

I launched this website to serve as an independent digital hub for information, education, media, events, fundraisers, and commerce for the Black community in South Korea. As the Black Lives Matter Korea movement grows and evolves, so should our utilization of technologies that enhance our ability to control our narrative. We cannot depend solely on using platforms like Facebook, which have been known to suppress the voices of people. Plus, we don’t own it and can’t control it. Our organization needs to have its own platform that’s independent of those who may want to silence us on our path.

However, for our website to grow, we are going to need the community to support us. I ask that you join our email list, share our posts and links on social media, and check to see how you can be involved with the opportunities that we offer. Let us build a thriving Black community in Korea that spans across economics, politics, justice, media, and education.

-Thank you

Jason V. Holmes, Editorial Director

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