Black Lives Matter is an organization that ties Black voices together across the world. It is Black Lives Matter Korea’s pleasure to forge one of those ties through an intercontinental raffle for two 60-minute tarot readings aimed at bolstering the Black community in Korea and supporting businesses all over.

We have joined with Goddess of Sun Seed Community, a platform for the practice of collective healing in the BIPOC/QTBIPOC community, and thank them for helping to make this happen.

Sun Seed Community Logo

The Raffle

Members of the Black community in South Korea are eligible to enter and win one of two tarot readings from Goddess of Sun Seed Community. Simply fill out this Google form and you will be entered to win! The giveaway will run until August 28, 2020, at noon KST. We will announce the two winners on August 30, 2020, via this post and a Facebook post.

“Your life path comes with many roads, but you are not alone on your journey. This is not a traditional tarot reading! Expect to be a participant in your process. Through a 60-minute Zoom chat, Goddess will use tarot and/or oracle decks paired with your process and their intuition to answer questions.”

Goddess of Sun Seed Community

About Sun Seed Community

Sun Seed Community was birthed in October of 2018 by Goddess(G) and is a platform for the practice of collective healing. SSC intends to feel into and sit with emotional, mental, and physical trauma while acknowledging whiteness, cis-heteronormativity, and patriarchy through our podcast, consulting, body/energy sessions, workshops, and group and individual container building. Creating Goddess’ tools of liberation took a whole community of support, and they hope their village’s stories can resonate with others.

Currently, SSC is looking to co-create and contract with artists, disruptors, advocates, and others in the BIPOC/QTBIPOC community, and is also seeking comrade investors and sponsors. There are always ways to support and dream with us!

Let’s play, let’s discuss, and let’s share our stories.

Visit or the podcast.

Thank you to Goddess of Sun Seed Community and our anonymous donor for making this joyful collaboration possible.

Writer: Lisa Espinosa
Editor: Eva Winfrey
Copy Editor: Jeyoung Bae

Update (August 28, 2020, 12 PM KST): The giveaway is now closed. Thank you for participating. Results to be announced on August 30 at noon KST.

Update (September 3, 2020, 9 PM KST): Congratulations to Dorian and Angela for winning a tarot reading. To everyone, thank you for entering. Please cherish yourselves!

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