Fellow Americans, election season is upon us. With all that 2020 has thrown at us, it is more important than ever to make sure your vote counts. We have the opportunity to not only elect a new leader but also to turn over-representation on the state and more local levels. This year is exciting, with 470 seats in Congress up for election, and 11 states voting for governor. Every eligible voter living abroad can vote in federal elections, and many can also vote in local elections. If you have any questions about your eligibility or voting in general, visit the Global Voter Help Desk.

This is your friendly reminder that whether abroad or stateside, your voice is pertinent to shaping the communities we want to be part of and steering the country in the direction we desire. As we are facing the start of a school year in the midst of a pandemic, it is important to choose who is on your school board. With increasing violence from law enforcement, now is the time to investigate candidates running for sheriff, judicial, and attorney general positions. Remember that knowledge is power.

Due to COVID-19 and the defunding of the USPS (United States Postal Service), it is extremely important to stay on top of deadlines when requesting your mail-in ballot. For states that require a mail-in ballot, we advise using the Federal Write-in Ballot and returning it as soon as possible. For your official ballot, be prepared to send it in by mid-October at the latest. If you would like guidance on voting from abroad, be sure to visit the Vote from Abroad website.

Democrats Abroad South Korea (DAROK) is the official country committee for all Democrats living abroad in South Korea. All English teachers and all workers. All spouses and children. All refugees and students abroad for the first time. The goals of our organization are to provide you the tools and means by which you can make your voice heard, even halfway across the world. With DAROK, you can be sure you, your friends, and your family are registered to vote. Learn more at democratsabroad.org/kr or at info-south-korea@democratsabroad.org

By the Democrats Abroad Republic of Korea Education and Voting Committee
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